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BLM Protesters Take A Nap At Montana Capitol

A group of approximately 75 young adults protested at the Montana Capitol Sunday afternoon. The group advertising a joint exercise with the lgbt community gathered under the “Rainbow Flag” that was placed under the Montana flag.

The protest was permitted to be held by the Montana department of Administration according to Helena Police Chief Steve Hagen, The public placement of the “Rainbow Flag” at the Capitol was reportedly approved by Governor Bullock.


Chief Hagen was on the scene to monitor the event on behalf of the citizens of Helena. A couple weeks earlier a BLM event at the Montana Capitol escalated, causing Chief Hagen to activate a joint team of law enforcement professionals to inhibit acts of violence.

A contingency of citizens claiming a patriot support group status were observing the event from across the street. There had been potential threats of property damage following the monument and statue destruction across the country. The patriots stated they were on scene to observe and if needed step up to protect the historic statue in front of the Capitol building in addition to assist the police in providing public safety.

A couple of the organizers of the protest that identified themselves by first name only, followed a reporter around while he was gathering photographs of the event.

When the one organizer by the name of “Jen” was asked if she was following the reporter to provide for his safety she stated she was protecting the event participants from harm. Refusing to give her identity or speak any further about the event her partner also declined to provide his name or opine.DSC_0016

The protesters marched around the Capitol a couple times chanting protest slogans for the blm movement. There were multiple signs being carried crying for attention to the lgbt movement. One participant held a sign with the US Flag mounted upside down. The sign claiming white supremacists are evil turds and President Trump is locking children in cages.


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  1. If I recall, as one of those present to see that no vandalism of public property took place, we condescended to the local police to “be nice” and not cause trouble. The “peaceful” protesters cursed at us, gave us the finger, accused us of drinking alcoholic beverages, and sitting on “private” property. Maybe we should take a hint from Rebel News?

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