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Helena City Officials Deny School Safety

The Helena City Commission moved forward on their new fiscal year budget.  In the process, the safety of children in the schools were placed on the chopping block.  Commissioner O’Loughlin brought forward an amendment to the fiscal year budget to hold back $300,000.00 from the Helena Police Department.
The amendment will take away funds of 4 vacant positions in the police department and decide whether to do away school resource officers.
If the full commission moves this to a final vote by August 1st, Helena schools will be without police officers tasked with protecting your children.
The commission will hold a public discussion on the amendment and make a final decision on this proposed action July 9th 2020.  Will the Citizens have a voice at this meeting?
Dennison Rivera provided the commissioners a scolding last night at the meeting regarding public participation.  He is concerned that the citizens of Helena will continue to be ignored for political bandwagon issues instead of worrying about what is best for Helena Residents.
Mr. Dennison went on and stated “I wish it was a genuine discussion. But I get the impression the decision is already predetermined again, based on the fact they continue to talk about reallocating funds before having a public conversation.”
The Helena School District officials and the Helena Police Department now will be holding their breath before school opens to deal with the final decision in public schools and community safety.
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