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Covid-19 Funding Distributed TO Businesses Across Montana

Stress on local economy here in Montana businesses as a result of the Lockdown is real. In answer to the economic meltdown nationally, an emergency funding program was created to help businesses across America.

Governor Bullock and his administration opened up the grant program to provide businesses impacted by his Lockdown a cushion. Each county funding is updated weekly and can be accessed through the link here. The list for each county is available for analysis and the funding to each county varies. As the list is updated weekly it is difficult to get any final numbers on the amount of taxpayer funding that will be spent here in Montana.

The average citizen is unaware of how much funding was available or what process is used to qualify or apply for assistance. Businesses in each of the 56 counties in Montana, as of June 26th received relief from the federal government Covid-19 relief funding program.

In Broadwater County there was originally $230,360.00 made available to offset the economic impact caused by the Bullock Lockdown. In the distribution of that funding many of the businesses averaged a $10,000.00 grant.

Looking into the distribution of those funds brings to question how are the grant applicants provided an opportunity in the beginning and what is required to qualify for this funding.

We don’t have those answers at this time but here are a few examples from the report for Broadwater County that raises questions to what is essential and where is accountability.

Broadwater County Health Services $45,000.00
3 Dimensional Health & Wellness $10,000.00
Jolt CPR LLC $8,000.00
Mountain Essence Inc. $3,000.00
Jenkins Beverage Montana Inc $10,000.00
5N Logistics LLC $10,000.00
Bull Stock Media, LLC $6,049.00

In several counties there has been a substantial amount of funding allocated. In Flathead County $5,419,670, Yellowstone County $5,454,079, Missoula County $6,799,61. In Petroleum County no funding was allocated there as of June 26th 2020.

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